Winter Weather

Snow, Gloucestershire (South Cotswolds) - 9th February, 2007

Snow where I live, on the south coast, is rare and the winter of 2006/7 didn't give us any at all. So I decided to go and find it by driving a couple of hours to the north to the southern edge of the higher ground of the Cotswolds in Gloustershire. This first scene is the first covering I saw in north Wiltshire:

North Wiltshire

As I passed north of Cirencester, the snow began to fall and was a good 2-3 inches deep on the ground. The roads were pretty treacherous as you can see:


The snow got quite heavy for a time:

Falling Snow

Falling Snow

I pulled in at a large service station, the carpark was very slippery with only the odd one or two cars braving the conditions:


Finally, I took a country lane to see the fields covered in snow. This was a tricky drive as 2-3 inches of snow lay on the roads:

Snowy Fields