Wildskies.co.uk is a simple photography site to log storms and other interesting weather, primarily in the south of England, but mainly around Hampshire. Included, is a 'weather links' page, designed for easy access to the key information available on the internet, that I use regularly.

University and a distinct lack of interesting weather has resulted in a slight reduction of image accounts in the last year or so, but I try to get out a catch all the significant weather events in the region. The 'other images' section is currently under review, as I'm not sure whether I wish to keep the site purely weather related. I also plan to add a written section on weather photography and, if I can find the time, perhaps create a forum.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope I am providing a taste of the variety of weather on offer here in the south.

Paul Hunter (July 2012)

Any enquires, please email: paul@wildskies.co.uk