Wildskies.co.uk is a simple photography site to log storms and other interesting weather, primarily in the south of England, but also my storm chasing trips in the USA. If you're interested in planes, I've also included some airshow photos in the 'Other' section. I continue to create the website manually, using notepad, but I want to look at refreshing it all soon, perhaps using a website building tool. Some of the formatting isn't great, so it would improve how it looks at least.

You may have noticed fewer photo logs in recent years, but that's simply down to a lack of weather here! Finding the time to edit photos and put together pages is a struggle sometimes too, but I usually get round to putting the best events up.

I've recently updated the weather links page, and will soon look at expanding this with links to US data sites to aid 'armchair' chasers.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope I am providing a taste of the variety of weather on offer here in the south.

Paul Hunter (June 2019)

Any enquires, please email: paul@wildskies.co.uk