Unusual Sunset Colours and Sky, January 15th 2008, Barton-On-Sea

The day had been overcast with some rain, but as sunset approached, the sky took on a surreal colour to it, with plenty of unusual cloud types too. Airliners on the day were reporting severe turbulence at all levels, giving a reason for the undulating clouds (ac/st etc):


The view towards the Isle Of Wight, with a banner cloud forming over the headland. The wind was strong and from the SW (from right to left in the image):

Isle Of Wight

Out to sea, to the south, were some very strange stratus/sea fog formations, indicating the turbulence of the atmosphere:


To the southwest, the sky looked eveil, almost hollywood-style, with a thin layer of black/blue cloud giving rain to Dorset, and bright sunset colours above:

Evil Clouds

A closer view of the dark sky to the west, with a low layer of sea spray, giving a surreal effect:

Sky To West