USA Storm Chase 2018

Day 3: Ogallala, NE to Stirling, CO

We headed way northwest today for a risk over far eastern Wyoming - my first time chasing in this state, though I had visited last August on the way to see the solar eclipse. We passed Pine Bluffs and over the border. The first storm we encountered, near LaGrange, WY, had incredible hail roar - a first for me; like a constant peal of thunder overhead. This storm wasn't really doing much visually, so we headed east to get a better view of a developing severe storm just to its south. Temperatures were very low up here - only into the high 60s, but it was certainly very scenic:


Pine Bluffs

Once we got out of the rain we had a better view of the borderline supercell, now approaching us from the SW. It had some nice structure for a time but fell apart quickly soon afterwards. We gave up near the Nebraska border and headed back to Colorado in position for the next day:



On the border we found an active 'Minuteman' ICBM silo - there are several in this area, part of the 90th Strategic Missile Wing:

Missile Silo