March 22nd: Wintry Showers in a Northerly Airstream, New Forest

A strong northerly wind brought air from the Arctic for the Easter weekend, making it feel very cold. Temperatures reached 8C or so but the windchill made it feel more like -5C. The first showers came through early afternoon. Here, an isolated snow shower heads my way:

Snow Shower

The showers were very low-topped with the cold air not far from the ground. This one was so shallow, the sun could be seen through it as it passed overhead:

Transparent Shower

They were moving through quickly on the strong wind. Here's the retreating anvil:

To the north, another shower was coming towards me:


This one was much more intense than the previous one, here starting to obscure the horizon with a snow/hail/rain mix:


The shower moved by to the west, missing my location, but giving a nice view of the back edge:

Back edge

Meanwhile, another shower passed to the east, here seen heading out over the Isle of Wight as the sun began to lower towards evening:

IOW Shower

An interesting lenticular cloud formed during the afternoon too and I thought i'd add some shots of it at the end:


In the strong winds, I was hoping to spot some Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, and after a few minutes, they appeared. These are very difficult to capture because they are fleeting at best, forming and dissipating within seconds. I quickly managed to get the telephoto lens on them for a couple of shots:

K-H waves

K-H Waves