June 15th: Convergence Showers, New Forest

So far, this summer has really been poor for any good thunderstorms or even showers, after such an eventful spring. A slight north-west flow had established over the country bringing cool weather to the whole of the UK, but temperatures were still just about reaching 20C here in the south. This was just enough, on this day, to create a weak sea breeze, which created a sea breeze convergence a few miles inland where it met the north-westerly. Convection started early in the day, but most flattened out into stratocumulus (sc) and it didn't look promising. However towards mid-afternoon, a deeper line of showers developed on the convergence line across south Dorset and Hampshire, in the regular place in the Forest. I arrived just as a wall cloud was churning away to my west. It looked even more spectacular on the drive to this vantage point:

Wall Cloud

A closer view. Clouds were visibly converging at the centre, with movement from the left (south) and right (north):

Wall Cloud

After a few more minutes, it began to develop a notch in the centre. Scud was rising rapidly into this notch, and rotation must have been there, but it was just too weak to form a funnel:


To my north, clouds were really wrapping around in all directions as heavy rain started to fall in the background:


The wall cloud began to split and fall apart at this point, becoming more like a gust front and outflow dominant to the south:

Wall cloud

The skies to the north however, looked increasingly evil with a green tinge above and very dark cloud bases:


Inflow from the south was still strong:


To the north, scud was racing up into the cloud base, with loads of vortices visible for brief moments:


To the south, the cloudbase became almost black in appearance due to the bright skies towards the coast:

Black Base

The only candidate for a possible funnel cloud was this. Rotation above me was very obvious, but I'm not convinced this was a funnel, it just wasn't obvious enough like others I've seen. Other people were luckier however, with several funnels reported just a few miles SE of my location a short time later:


The line was becoming a mess now with an area of heavy rain now sweeping down from the north towards my location. This is the view to the west:


And a final view to the south as I was starting to get soaked by the rain:


On the way home, the rain cleared just in time to see the boiling clouds behind the line as it moved over the sea:


All in all, a more interesting day than most so far the last month or so, but still no thunder or warmth of note.