April 8th: Isolated Heavy Showers, Nr Burley

It has been an eventful week weather-wise but I wasn't expecting much from today. But at 1600 I noticed an anvil appear to the north. The showers were very slow-moving today so I was easily able to catch up with it a few miles inland. By the time I got to it, it was already decaying:

Decaying Shower

A few miles to the west however was an isolated downpour with quite a strong, sharp-edged downdraught to it:

Distant Downpour

Just to my north, a new shower began to form. The cloudbase was quite high because of low dewpoints, which made it look more impressive. Again, a very solid core of heavy rain:

Heavy Core

A closer view:


Finally, a wider view of the entire shower. It died out quickly after this as the sun went down: