September 24th: Finally some weather!

After a prolonged dry spell, dominated by high pressure, some interest finally returned today in the form of an active cold front at dawn, containing a violent squall line, and some nicely formed shower anvils in the afternoon and evening. The first shot is from Barton-On-Sea, Hampshire, looking west at a parhelion (sun dog), created by the dissipating anvil cirrus of a nearby shower:

Anvil Parhelion

Just after 5pm, and a quick glance out of the window revealed this beauty, an isolated shower with well-formed anvil, backlit by the lowering sun:


A close-up of the anvil:

I drove the few miles back to the coast, as I could see more convection to the south over the relatively warm waters of the English Channel. This cell was located inland over Hampshire:

Hampshire shower

Several showers were moving west to east along the coast and over the Isle-Of-Wight. Here, an anvil stretches out northwards as the moon rises beneath:

Moon anvil

Finally, as the light faded, the sun illuminated a large Cb in the Channel. This one looked fairly strong at the time, but no sferics occurred:

Strong Cb