August 7th: Slow-moving Thunderstorms, New Forest

After the 2 funnel clouds, I headed off for some views of the parent storm from further afield. It became very large and just sat over the same area. First of all, a shot of a small storm that formed on the outflow of the main storm, giving a local downpour over the heathland:

Local Downpour

The view to the west was dominated by this large storm, with a nice inflow band of large cumulus:


A close-up of the inflow. This was right on the sea breeze boundary and was very turbulent. No more funnels unfortunately:

Turbulent Inflow

This patch of cloud appeared to 'twist' as it was pulled into the main storm:

Inflow Twist

Further up the road, I got a better view of the inflow and updraught, with downdraught to the right. Rumbles of thunder were occurring at this point:


Finally, a stormy scene later in the afternoon as the sun began to lower. Overall a very interesting afternoon: